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Over the years Bernard T. Smith with his son, Christopher, worked to use the computer to innovate solutions used in inventory management and business forecasting.

Bernard T. Smith's book “Focus Forecasting: Computer Techniques for Inventory Control” was a must read in the day. Contained in the book was a simplified description of a novel method of forecasting used for inventory control.

In the 1970's Mr. Christopher T. Smith introduced his father Bernard T. Smith to the micro-computer. Bernie's excitement could hardly be contained. At last he had a means to demonstrate his invention and it's value. CT begin working with Bernie programming ideas and explaining the concepts to a very receptive audience of professionals. Bernie actively consulted on his invention until his passing.

Bernie and CT collaborated on number of subjects over the years. Bernie's passion first documented in his original Focus Forecasting book was refined and validated working with over 500 companies. CT to continues to develop software solutions for Inventory Management.

Bernie passed in 2018. Miss you Dad!

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